The success of your outdoor advertising campaign depends on two key factors: the quality and suitability of your location(s), AND THE STRENGTH OF YOUR DESIGN.

Here are several basic rules to follow in designing an effective outdoor advertisement...

DO- Make sure that what you're selling is abundantly clear. Whether it's through words or imagery, don't leave your potential customers guessing


DON'T- Let the name of your business eclipse the product/service that you're providing (unless the name already incorporates the explanation or your brand is nationally recognized)


DO- Use contact information that is simple and easy to remember. No one has time to write down a website or a phone number in a moving car, so make it memorable


DON'T- Allow your contact information to be obscured in any way by a design element. Even an awe-inspiring, world-class design is useless if nobody knows where to go or who to call


DO- Use bold colors, large fonts and clean lines


DON'T- Use a monotone color palette with subtle color contrast


DO- Incorporate valuable imagery. It can function as an attention-grabber, an explanation of your product/service, or both

DON'T- Use your print ad design and your outdoor ad design interchangeably. There is a world of difference between reading an ad on a page and reading an ad from a moving car on the street.


DO- Keep your catch phrase short and simple. If they don't "get it", they're certainly not going to buy it


DON'T- Use obscure references or long-winded text. If they don't "get it", they're certainly not going to buy it


DO- Print out an 8" x 10" mock-up of your design, stand back 10 feet and see if you can still read it DON'T- Assume that your design is clever. Ask around and see if other people understand your message