-Smaller outdoor advertising structures located on primary and secondary traffic arteries

-Seen by vehicular and foot traffic in commercial and industrial areas

-Designed to be mass produced and purchased in multiples to saturate the market

-Provide 4x more impressions per dollar than radio and print, and 8x more than TV


-Concentrated in densely populated areas where other Outdoor coverage is often limited or prohibited

-Positioned around desirable neighborhoods and major retail centers

-Effective for short term campaigns that require rapid consumer awareness

-Stimulates sales near point-of-purchase locations

-Maintains high visual exposure even throughout the night, using backlit illumination



Posters: 10'5" x 22'8", 12'4" x 24'8"

Jr. Posters: 5' x 11', 6' x 11'4"

Shelters: 67" x 46", 72" x 48"

*Sizes may vary by location. If you are unsure about the size of your posters or shelters, contact for exact specs.