Here are a few examples of what we offer our advertisers:


Includes an average of 1 to 5 billboards/posters/bus shelters in a given 10 mile radius, for advertisers looking to target markets within the immediate vicinity of their business. Ideal for "directional advertising", i.e. ads that point the driver directly to a place of business using arrows and/or directional phrases.


Includes an average of 10 to 20 billboards/posters/bus shelters both in and around a large hub city. This may include central locations, outlying area locations, as well as incoming and outgoing Freeway locations. Although North Advertising is able to provide hub city advertising all over the U.S., we specialize in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Miami areas.


Designed for advertisers wishing to target markets in 3 or more major U.S. cities, posting an average of 20 billboards/posters/bus shelters per city. Ideal for tracking the impact of of outdoor advertising in conjunction with alternative media.